Engine Design and Repair

We are a shop full of people that race, and we build vehicles for racers.  We design, modify, repair, rebuild, remove, and restore engines, from classic big-blocks to current Coyote and Hemi technologically advanced 5.0 and 5.7L motors.  The shop has decades of experience doing nothing but making motors and builds go faster and faster.  


DYnOmometer services

Our performance partners include Dynopro of Arvada, Colorado with two full-service bays for dynamometer tuning.


Frame modification and roll cages

We create roll cages and frame modifications for racing chassis every spring and summer, in preparation for the race season; or for street performance vehicles year-round, as the summer cruising season and drag racing come back around.




Installation and enhancements

From performance brake pads to custom hoods and old-school muscle car rebuilds, we do everything your vehicle needs to push faster, and farther.



We tune present-day ECU chips through


SCT Tuner dealer and vendor

We supply and tune most popular engine types, and are an authorized reseller of SCT tuners


procharger and whipple

The right boost for your performance engine is the cheapest, most cost-effective way to enhance most engines.